How To Identify Your Derailleur Hanger

Derailleur Hangers - Gear / Mech / Dropouts

 The derailleur hanger or gear mech hanger is part of the dropout that the rear derailleur attaches to, and 99% of modern bikes have them these days. The idea is if you suffer a mechanical failure with the rear mech, the dropout will break off instead of the frame being completely ruined. The dropout is easily and cheaply replaceable, a carbon frame is not..

 Following these simple steps will cut down the time to identify which one you need and if you're stuck (or can't be bothered)! Just message me on one of the channels below.


1. First thing you should do is use the search box. If I was after a Trek hanger I'd type "Trek "in there and that'll narrow it down for starters, if you know the model, you can also try that.

2. Once you only have a few to choose from it should be fairly easy. Just compare whats on the screen to your hanger and see if your bike is in the list. (Taking the derailleur hanger off your bike and holding up against the screen to compare is by far the easiest way)

3. If you still can't see what you need, just send me a message or picture of your hanger / frame so I can help. Please see example pictures here of how to take photos of the dropout, the clearer and closer they are the better.